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Kigdom Hearts series guidance

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Kigdom Hearts series guidance

Post by Riku the Oath-keeper on Tue Apr 17, 2012 8:05 am

Hi gamers ...

Well this is a simple but so important topic fr every gamer who decided to play Kingdom Hearts series for the first time .

The game story-line is so amazing yet should follow an organized play
schedule through the games .. many gamers made a fatal mistake by
playing kingdom hearts 2 before the other series games .. following that
will make them reject all the series normally because they will find
themselves lost between the games story updates form the previous series

So here i wanna give a schedule for series walkthrough so as to walk step by step with the story :

- Kingdom Hearts 1 PS2

- Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of memories PS2

- Kingdom Hearts 358 days NDS

- Kingdom Hearts 2 PS2

- Kingdom Hearts BBS ( Birth by sleep ) PSP

- Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded NDS

and the upcoming game:

- Kingdom Hearts 3D ( Dream Drop Distance ) 3DS

Btw its arrangement as release is slightly different but this arrangement i made makes u follow the story clearer.

So what's left other than taking the games Iso's and Rom's .. download
the emulators or bring the platforms and then launch it .. HAKKAN

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