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Bleak Night 파수꾼 the movie that made my day

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Bleak Night 파수꾼 the movie that made my day

Post by arra_byul on Sat Mar 31, 2012 5:23 pm

bleak night 2011

am sure i wouldn't have bothered watching this movie before at any given Sunday since it went below my radar of flashy shiny things >>err actors and cloths !!<< , well thats what i thought until i saw the first few episode of Fashion King which i will tell you all about later ...
okay the main reason was lee je hoon

okay mainly the movie is about three friends. Someone became the assailant and someone became the victim. Another swings his fists in anger at their broken friendship.
which as you noticed finally no love story >triangle < , no evil plot of revenge just normal teenage friendship drama >> as near to normal as it could be after all this a korean movie << OHAngry1

Lee Je-hoon ... Gi-tae
Seo Jun-young ... Dong-yoon
Park Jung-min ... Baek Hee-joon

what fascinated me about this movie that it touches the heart at many levels , who are we ? what are our goals ? and who can we truly call friends ? all those Simple questions, yet difficult to answer. that at one point we went through or still trying to figure it out ... the director Yoon Sung-Hyun who belief it or not made this film as a graduation project with striking brilliance Using hand-held, high-definition video and a grittily steely visual aesthetic - one key location, an abandoned railway station, is repeatedly revisited to considerable atmospheric effect - Yoon creates and develops an authentic-feeling milieu where plot and character developments consistently feel organic rather than contrived for effect ..

i dont want to give the movie plot so i cant say more about it no matter how much i want to , its simply amazing film that deserves to be shared ..

the trailer :

i promise you wont be sorry watching this film OHYes2

till another review with all love TULove

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Re: Bleak Night 파수꾼 the movie that made my day

Post by mochi-B on Wed Apr 04, 2012 7:28 am

It gives a Japanese movie feeling, from the plot and style of filming. Made me remember Bandage.
A deep story with a Korean cast, not to be missed indeed.
Thanks for sharing~

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